Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Inspiration

The sun is shining and we all feel better when the spring kicks in. The clock is set forward one hour, and it's bright outside at 7 in the morning now, what I truly love. And because of that I was thinking about some bright colors inspiration, and those pictures I don't have yet. I begun to blog in august 2010 and I was not even thinking about spring then, so I did not collect much pictures or books myself about this wonderful time of the year. So I want to share some inspiration with you I found on one of my favorite sites.

How to crochet a heart for a door 
Crochet heart
Shell lamp
How to make a shell lamp
Cushion for a lounge chair
A painting that is a table when unfold
Work or hobby room
How to make a work or hobby room
All the pictures shown above are from 101 Woonideeen on the site there is a whole variety of nice things to make yourself.

I love the bright colors and maybe one day I will paint our house white with some bright blues, greens and pink too :) Only Lucas his room is bright blue and green, when I'm gonna create a "work / hobby room" for myself, it will be in bright colors with pink ofcourse... 

 Have a great day,

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