Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pray for Japan send to Tokyo

On the website from Omstebeurt was an initiative about the exposition "Pray for Japan", 
48 beautifully made art work where send this week to Tokyo, 
also I participate in it, and I'm happy with the result.
If you follow this link you can see the art work for yourself, and are they not very nice and lovely?
I really hope the exposition raises a lot of money to help the people in Japan, so they can work on a good and bright future. This link is to show you what I've made, it's so nice to see how much effort people put in this project to help other people, that's why I made a digital stamp / drawing with the words... "Not what we get , but what we give is the most valuable in life" 


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just a quote

This quote is from Robert Brault, 
and I wanna believe that it's gonna be my life motto...


Tea Time ready to Collect

Who doesn't love tea...
 I love tea, especially high tea, 
truly love the cakes and sweetness all over.
With these lovely tea goodies
it will be a true delight to drink your tea.

This lovely cup set is from Yedi Housewares
you can also drink coffee in it ;)

 This lovely tea birdset is from Pepe and Friends

 This cute teapot cosy is made by Chrissy Brown on Esty

  Love this beautiful stack of teacups from NonPlusUltra

This adorable birdie cream and sugar set is from Show Lifestyle

 High tea party with lovely little girls made by Naomi V Photography

Have a nice day, with lots of lovely tea moments,

Monday, March 28, 2011

Music Favorites

This evening I saw a commercial on Dutch television from Nikon, 
they played this song in it and I absolutely love it...

Radical Face - Welcome Home

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do.


Monday Inspiration

The sun is shining and we all feel better when the spring kicks in. The clock is set forward one hour, and it's bright outside at 7 in the morning now, what I truly love. And because of that I was thinking about some bright colors inspiration, and those pictures I don't have yet. I begun to blog in august 2010 and I was not even thinking about spring then, so I did not collect much pictures or books myself about this wonderful time of the year. So I want to share some inspiration with you I found on one of my favorite sites.

How to crochet a heart for a door 
Crochet heart
Shell lamp
How to make a shell lamp
Cushion for a lounge chair
A painting that is a table when unfold
Work or hobby room
How to make a work or hobby room
All the pictures shown above are from 101 Woonideeen on the site there is a whole variety of nice things to make yourself.

I love the bright colors and maybe one day I will paint our house white with some bright blues, greens and pink too :) Only Lucas his room is bright blue and green, when I'm gonna create a "work / hobby room" for myself, it will be in bright colors with pink ofcourse... 

 Have a great day,

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Knitting project Pink Shawl

Remember this picture?

I wanted to make a nice spring colored shawl.
When I found a nice pattern and yarn I ordered it from a shop.
I was so surprised about this yarn, it was so big...
The knitting project Pink Shawl is finished now and it turned out lovely. 
Al thou I don't yet know if I put some fringe on it like in the pattern. 

But the skein of yarn is so big that I can make more than one out of it.
Two I know for sure, I'm not certain that I can make a 3th one if I put the fringe on the shawl.
But what do I do with 2 of those lovely spring shawls?
I was thinking about a give-away. 
I saw a lot of give-aways on several blogs and I really like the idea of giving this lovely pink shawl to someone and make one happy.

Yes... I'm gonna do it... the first Give-Away on Esther's Creative Life...

I will make a post later on with the details of the give-away.
I hope you're just as enthusiastic about this give-away as I am.  

This is the adorable shawl...

Have a lovely day,

Saturday, March 26, 2011


This was such a lovely week, the sun was shining the sky was absolutely gorgeous and I was feeling happy because of all that. Today was the opposite the sky was gray and it was a bit chilly outside, and I was planning to clean and clear the garden.
But because of the temperature I only put the strawberry plants I got from my dad in a large planter, and sweep the tiles a bit. After that we went for a long bicycle ride along the river, what was fun. The children enjoyed there selfs with all the sheep, cows and horses we saw, they are a master imitating the animals so we had a lot of fun with all the noises they made.
I just needed something to cheer me up from all the gray clouds and the chilly weather outside, so I made some pictures from some collectible piggy banks we have stuffed in the house, we own about 300 piggy banks now.
There not all pigs, the variety is really major, we have clowns, bears, houses, dolls all you can think of and the majority is vintage, old and older. Here are some pictures of the pigs. From all the piggy banks I like the "real" pigs the most and those make me just so happy looking at them. 

Lovely sister and brother :)

The triplets...

3 fairly new piggy banks

A cute detail 

She looks so sweet 

2 friends forever

 With an adorable vintage detail

 Pink lady

3 pictures from a piggy bank in Delftware, she is just so pretty.

I hope you have a nice day.
The sun is gonna shine soon :)


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Irish Blessing

For those who didn't know; I lived in Ireland a bit more than a year.
It was planned for 12 months, I ended up staying 13 months in Dublin. The country is beautiful and the big city's vibrant. I had a great time there and I do love the Irish accent and the sayings that they have.
To share a little bit of that is here an Irish Blessing for you.

Have a good day!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Inspiration; I love sowing

Monday morning, the sun is shining and I thought lets do some Monday Inspiration about sowing. Now that has nothing to do with the sun ofcourse, but in my mind I have some ideas of making pillows for the outdoor chairs. And with the pictures I made from the books I have in my home, you can get inspired too, although there no pictures of pillows for outdoor furniture, the pictures are lovely anyway.


The upper 4 pictures are in the Reader Digest book shown on picture 1.
The lower 4 pictures are in the agenda from 101 Woonideëen shown on picture 5.

Have a nice day!

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