Friday, December 24, 2010

What a day...

This morning like every morning, my son Daniël starts to call me; Mama MAMA, I want out! Okay I’ll sigh, just a minute and I’ll be there. My husband is sick but is on his way to work. And the kids noses are water walking. Sigh…
Then in the afternoon when the kids take a nap it’s Mommy time, YES! Scrapping… But no, telephone is ringing, my husband on my cell, still sick but hanging on at his work. Home phone is ringing, ringing and ringing again… adds, adds and adds again….  A yell from upstairs, the kids are awake again. Daniël needs his lunch and Lucas well his lunch too, but lucky for me thats still a bottle and some and mashed fruit.
Need to keep the house clean, vacuum, dusting… Was-machine broke down… Need to wait till Wednesday then the store is gonna deliver a new one…  A nicely big was-machine, made for a household with kids, that was the good part.
Marco just came home, tiered but satisfied from his work. We ate diner, played with the kids and there off to bed… Yes, Mommy time! Scrapping…

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dark days before Christmas

Dark days before Christmas, what to do when the days are getting shorter and you are thinking about what kind of presents your getting for your kids and family?
I discovered  knitting! It sounds old fashion but it’s definitely not. Look at some pictures here.

The first I started off to gather some information about knitting itself, how to do it, what kind of materials to use, ask my mother for help ;) . I looked on youtube about some films of how to knit the basics, and I find some.
Started to go to the shop bought for € 5,00 knitting needles and wool, then I crawled behind the computer with my youtube film on and started to try to knit. And it worked… I made 2 scarfs. I found some nice sites for Eco Wool from Alpaca’s, there Lama sorts of animals they give nice wool that is not itchy, I just so hate wool that is itchy:(  My true love wool from Alpaca and it’s animal friendly and cheap!
Now I’m making a scarf for my husband total cost of €3,00 a nice brown color matching his winter jacket, from yarn that is suitable in the washing machine, how convenient. Now I have to learn how to knit by patterns, than I can make actually some knitted sweaters for my husband and kits even for myself. And have a nice handmade modern, personal and cheap present with my own personal touch.
I’ll keep you updated how the knitting is working out for me, so far it is relaxing to do, the thing with knitting is you can knit for a few minuets till hours, put it away and pick it up when ever you like. I just know a few knitting stitches. But even with a basic stitch you can make so many things, like caps and accessory for your lifestyle fashion and clothes. Like this scarf thats knitted is a strait stitch (the basic stitch) With thick wool and a big knitting needle like 10mm.

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