Saturday, March 26, 2011


This was such a lovely week, the sun was shining the sky was absolutely gorgeous and I was feeling happy because of all that. Today was the opposite the sky was gray and it was a bit chilly outside, and I was planning to clean and clear the garden.
But because of the temperature I only put the strawberry plants I got from my dad in a large planter, and sweep the tiles a bit. After that we went for a long bicycle ride along the river, what was fun. The children enjoyed there selfs with all the sheep, cows and horses we saw, they are a master imitating the animals so we had a lot of fun with all the noises they made.
I just needed something to cheer me up from all the gray clouds and the chilly weather outside, so I made some pictures from some collectible piggy banks we have stuffed in the house, we own about 300 piggy banks now.
There not all pigs, the variety is really major, we have clowns, bears, houses, dolls all you can think of and the majority is vintage, old and older. Here are some pictures of the pigs. From all the piggy banks I like the "real" pigs the most and those make me just so happy looking at them. 

Lovely sister and brother :)

The triplets...

3 fairly new piggy banks

A cute detail 

She looks so sweet 

2 friends forever

 With an adorable vintage detail

 Pink lady

3 pictures from a piggy bank in Delftware, she is just so pretty.

I hope you have a nice day.
The sun is gonna shine soon :)


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