Sunday, March 27, 2011

Knitting project Pink Shawl

Remember this picture?

I wanted to make a nice spring colored shawl.
When I found a nice pattern and yarn I ordered it from a shop.
I was so surprised about this yarn, it was so big...
The knitting project Pink Shawl is finished now and it turned out lovely. 
Al thou I don't yet know if I put some fringe on it like in the pattern. 

But the skein of yarn is so big that I can make more than one out of it.
Two I know for sure, I'm not certain that I can make a 3th one if I put the fringe on the shawl.
But what do I do with 2 of those lovely spring shawls?
I was thinking about a give-away. 
I saw a lot of give-aways on several blogs and I really like the idea of giving this lovely pink shawl to someone and make one happy.

Yes... I'm gonna do it... the first Give-Away on Esther's Creative Life...

I will make a post later on with the details of the give-away.
I hope you're just as enthusiastic about this give-away as I am.  

This is the adorable shawl...

Have a lovely day,


  1. how very nice to do a give away for a shawl i cant wait till i know what to do for it

  2. Spannend, wat ga je weggeven? De sjaal is prachtig.

  3. @ Ladyknit De roze shawl! haha erg duidelijk was dat niet he, ik heb het even aangepast.


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