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Digital scrapping by NightEssie

What I first found out about digital scrapbooking was the sites, hundreds of site where you can buy your digital kits and quickpages. How do you begin to search for kits and freebies, templates and other real good stuff to maximize your digital photo’s and albums. The best way to begin this hobby is to search for freebies to see if this is what you want with your pictures because you don’t have to pay for it. There are a few downsides, if you have a slow internet connection it can take a while for downloading the freebies, and if you’re not familiar with a computer, software and internet this is maybe not for you, but then again, if you found this site I guess you know at least a little from the computer and the internet, and if you have a normal to highspeed connection there is nothing to worry about. Most of the sites you have to sign up for an account or newsletter to get to the freebies, but I find it a little effort to do so for free goodies. Once you download the freebies make sure you save them on your computer. I made a “scrapbook” map with all submaps for the digital scrapbook kits, then there is an overview of which papers, backgrounds and embellishments etc. are from/in the same kit or template. I have them organized by name, and color but this is just an example, see what fits you best in organizing your scrapbook stuff.

Why this post?

The main reason I put up a page like this is because all hobby’s are (very) expensive, and the most people are looking to save some money these days and while digital scrapbooking is super cheap, free is even better. Still if you can spare some money on buying there are some very good sites, just google around and you will find large kits for €0,99 and more of course there are even sites where you can find kits that are around 10 euro each, but personally I think that’s a lot of money for one kit, the average price is about € 3,50, the reason why this is so cheap is that you save it on your computer and you can use the kits more than once, with “normal” scrapbooking you can use it, cut it and it’s gone, you need to go to the store or shop again to get more done as well you need to print your pictures. Another thing is (with all hobby’s that is) it takes a lot of time, but you will find it nice and relaxing to fill up your time with digital scrapbooking, because it is your hobby.

What do you need to get digital?

I’ll assume that you already have digital pictures. Otherwise you have the photos scanned and put on the computer, you can find more about the software of the scanner itself. Then you need a program or software to edit or make layers on a page. You can use Adobe Photshop or similar, but thats expensive to buy.  I use an open source program that called Gimp, you can download this or a similar program from this site http://www.gratissoftware.nu/alternatieven/gratis-adobe-photoshop-software-downloaden.php. Then get familiar with the program of your choice and you can start digi scrapping.
Download your freebies and put them on your computer and add them in to the program. I’ll link here a Youtube video I found especially for you!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NRbjmNkMbc&feature=player_embedded. Most of the programs are working more or less the same, so you can see the video and use it in your own program. There are a lot of sites that have an extended helpful tutorials about how to begin digital scrapbooking and more know hows, for example see the freebie of Shabby Princess there is a tutorial page on that site.

Why digital scrapping?

  • Move your photos straight from your digital camera to your layout.
  • You can always hit the “undo” button.
  • Less storage, less mess, less clean up!
  • One little piece of paper lasts forever and can be used again and again!
  • Everything will always match with a little color correction.
  • You can print the same layout 15 times (for everyone on your Christmas or birthday list).
  • You can personalize everything! Titles, buttons, tags–you name it!
  • You can still use digital supplies with your paper scrapbooks.
  • Digital freebies are FREE! See the List of digital scrapbook freebies.

What else can you do with digi scrapping?

What you can do with normal scrapbooking is a thing called budget scrapping, you scrap with labels from your clothes and tags and papers from wrappings and goods. What I do with digital scrapping is the wrappings from presents and labels (new) clothes, photograph them (save on the computer) and add them to the digital scrapbook page and you get the same effect. Or you can Google them ;) , but thats not as personal. I like my scrappings to be personal else I would buy a photo book at the store and just glue the pictures in it. What personal taste and view is that’s for everyone different, I can use a quickpage or a template that is very suitable for my page or book to make it personal because I like the layout of it or the colors match my photo’s. But the most I like to create my own view of a kit and make it nice and lovely for the pictures I use. Sometimes I adjust the photo to be black and white or sepia just to add some emotion in it, then I search my computer or the internet for a suitable kit. Or I find a kit that is so lovely then I search for a nice photo to come along with it. It works both ways!

You can make (post)cards with digital scrapping for a birthday or for Christmas to get a personal touch by your wishes. Or make invitations for your children’s party, and do some crazy stuff invite your friends to a high tea party at your place. You can also download a drawing program and make a nice drawing yourself! I use My Paint but I’m still figuring out how to make a good one. ;) I make backgrounds for the computer for home use. I like to see my husband or kids when I start up the computer. What else you can make digital, well what can you imagine? I can make several stuff just by putting it in the program and print out. I made a nice photo composition with a nice poem for mother’s day this year, its to bad it didn’t save it on the pc just printed it out. It was my first digital scrap art work.
It’s so much satisfaction and fun to actually see a page or book come together, that gives you the energy and creative ideas to make even more. And every idea is a good idea because it’s your idea!  I do listen to people when they say it’s good or not good, but I always ask them to base their comment, people have their own view of beauty, most of the comments are that they don’t like the colors or embellishments, because it’s not there taste, but they like the colors of the paper or embellishments with the picture.  People seems to like it in general even they don’t like to scrap themselves and they note that it’s a lot of effort and work you put in it, and they really like that part, especially when you make a digital scrapbook page/card for them.

List of digital scrapbook freebies.

  • Computer scrapbook.com

http://www.computerscrapbook.com Just like the name says, this site is dedicated to providing top digital scrapbooking kits around. This is a very good site with a nice overview almost all the downloads are free. You need to sign up for the newsletter in order to download.
  • Two peas in a Bucket

http://www.twopeasinabucket.com/shop/digital-kits/kit-price-freeHere you’ll find a lot nice digital scrapbooking kits for free. You do need to sign up for an account (also free) in order to download, but it`s worth it.
  • Shabby Princess

The kits on this site are elegant, elaborate and absolutely gorgeous. Despite the name, these aren’t all girly themes, either.
  • Cottage arts

http://www.cottagearts.net/samples.htmlIf you’re looking for top quality, this is the site to check. The designs available here are lovely and varied. There are page kits, embellishments, papers and even photoshop brushes.

  • Digital Diva’s Design

http://www.digitaldivasdesigns.com/ Plenty of great freebies here, ranging from simple kits in fun colors for your baby scrapbooking, to textures that you can use to create funky scrapbook pages.

Have fun with digital scrapbooking!


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