Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day of Knitting

This is the day I want to spend on a new knitting a new project. A scarf as accessory without a pattern, just by combine a few stitches I used in knitting project #5

In fact I really want to spend more time on knitting, but I need some help with it, because I can’t read patterns yet. So all I do is making some scarfs, they are nice and lovely or just functional and warm, but I would love to knit a sweater if the children and a nice one for my husband too. I have a book about it but I can’t figure out how somethings work properly. Maybe it is easier with someone who can just let me show one or two times. Anyways I’m going to the hand craft fair witch is the end of this month, so thats not far away. It’s all about learning, and now I found something that I really love (Knitting) and want to learn all about it, well all that is in my power to do so, and what I like ofcourse…
I found a book on the internet called One-Skein Wonders from Judith Durant, but I can’t read the American patterns because they measure in a different way we European people do ;) and I did not found a translation yet, now I’m searching for an equivalent in Dutch to finish up my yarn stock at home. Is there someone who knows a book in Dutch similar to One-Skein Wonders?

I love the colors displayed on the cover of the book, but I’m afraid to use such bright colors. When I’m in a store I seem to buy the “neutral” ones, or just purple – pink etc. Maybe I just need to buy a few bright colors and see how it will work out for me. And hopefully I can make something different than a scarf ;)
So my goal for today is to finish of the scarf, and make an inventory of all the yarns that I have left laying around just waiting for me to turn them in something nice.

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