Sunday, February 13, 2011

Knitting Project 7

Last Saturday I bought some bright colored yarn at the store. I didn’t know what I should made of it but its very girlish like and I love the bright colors but I don’t think that I can make something from the yarn for my self, maybe I’m a little bit to old for that… So I was thinking to make something for my niece she is now 1 year and trying to walk so a pair of baby booties would come in handy.

Sunday afternoon, I was strolling on the internet and I found a nice pattern at for some nice baby booties, and I wanted to try to actually follow the  pattern this time. What seems not all that hard with this particularly pattern. After an hour of knitting I found out that I misread a line so I couldn’t get the sides together.   There where 2 left sides ;) so I pulled it all out and started over again. Now I have finished one of the booties, but I still made a little mistake. I know what the fault is so now I can make it all come together right. But nevertheless I’m very happy with my first sample… And I’m pretty proud of myself that I actually looks like baby booties :)

So now I can not say anymore that I can’t read patterns but I’m sure I need to do it a lot more so I can get the harder ones also. Onces I got stared with the pattern and took it step by step it seems not so hard anymore then I thought it would be. So I learn everyday a little bit more, witch is really nice and satisfying.
If anyone knows some nice “easy” baby booties patterns without having it to knit on more than 2 needles can you please post a replay at the bottom of this post? I would appreciate any commends on this blog if there is something I can improve like writing wise. Because this is my first blog and I can always use some tips and hints, on the blog itself and the craft work also.

Have a good and crafty Sunday and thanks for reading this post.

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