Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mother Inspiration II

This is the second page for my mother’s digital scrapbook. My mother makes the most awesome, beautiful scrapbooks by paper herself, she is very good and talented at it and she just looses her self into those scrapbooks. She made books for all her children, grand children and for a lot of friends and other family members also. So I want to give her something back at mothers day this year to show her how important she is for me and all the work she has done for me, when I was a child and when I grew up to be a mother myself. My children thought me what a good and sweet mother I always had and still have, and that it is hard to do it  “right”. As a mother I appreciate my own mother so much more, her love and endless patience, understanding and her commitment to her husband, my father and us, the children. Thats why I want to make something special for her, something I know she likes and made myself, where I can put my heart and soul in it ♥.

I have 2 sons, Daniël and Lucas, Daniël will be 3 in 3 months so a “big” party comming up, he will get a kids bicycle for his birthday, because he really loves to ride. Lucas is 11 months now, so he will be 1 year in March for him a big birthday party also. A lot happens in one year, from a baby to a toddler, from crying for a bottle to saying papa papa, mama mama… How wonderful is growing up, you learn so much everyday, and I as a mother also. Lucas had his first ride on the bicycle today, on the front in the bike seat his hear in the wind, and laughing because he was going so fast. I was the most wonderful feeling, just like with my first born son, it is so awesome to see them happy and enjoying  the riding with there mommy, it makes my day! So I want to thank my mother for all that she has done for me, now I can do that for my kids.

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