Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mother Inspiration

Today I had some inspiration for a scrap page. I just got a present for my husband, because he loves me he said, and because he thinks that I am a great mother for our children… Sometimes I agree with him, sometimes not, but I do know everyone is insecure about somethings sometime, and mine is that I am not always the mother that I want to be. My house is not always as in the magazines and my laundry keeps stacking into a large pile, why I do not know… I’ll do my best in keep it tidy, and most of the days it looks like a normal house, and sometimes it looks like a tornado hits the living room, the tornado of children… So thats why my husband bought me this to give me a heads up.

So the inspiration for the digital scrap page came from these cards, the sentences thats on the cards are so beautiful that you can only image them on a nice page.

So I took a quote from a card make a nice page around it. I will print this and give it to my mother on mothers-day… Only that is in May so I still can make a few more and make a little scrapbook from it.
To all of you, if you are a mother or not here is another quote: Every day may not be good, but there is some good in every day <3 (Liefgeval)

Have a nice day!

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