Sunday, May 1, 2011

Queensday 2011

I should have done this yesterday,
but the children where all over the place,
they where all exited what they got on Queen's day.

A bit of Dutch history...
On April 30 , the Dutch celebrate Koninginnedag ("Queen's Day"), a national holiday to commemorate the birthday of the country's (former) Queen. It is by far the most widely celebrated holiday in the Netherlands. Amsterdam festivities in particular rival those of Mardi Gras in New Orleans or New Year's Eve in New York City. As such, Amsterdam is packed to the gills on April 30, welcoming up to two million party-going visitors. The Dutch have been observing Queen's Day on April 30 since 1949, when the new Queen Juliana ascended the throne. Before then, the holiday fell on August 31, the birthday of Juliana's mother, former Queen Wilhelmina. When the current Queen Beatrix succeeded Juliana in 1980, she chose to keep Queen's Day on April 30, as Beatrix's own birthday is January 31, a date when Dutch weather isn't conducive to the many outdoor activities associated with the holiday. Every year Queen Beatrix visits one or two Dutch towns to greet her country's people and visitors, who receive her with fitting celebrations. What began as a commemoration of the Dutch Royal Family has evolved into a nationwide day of creative, carefree springtime revelry. 
That is Queen's day for you...

 What can you do for 19 euro's...
We went to a marked on Queen's day in our town,
where everybody can sell there 'old' stuff.
What for some people is old stuff,
other people want to have and call it treasures.
This year I did not find any treasures worth buying,
because I was looking for vintage and yarn goodies. 
But we did find some nice stuff for the children,
and some piggy banks for the collection.
I calculate what we spend this year,
and it was 19 euro's and 20 cent.
I gave a woman 20 cent to buy a little
sheep for her grandchild, the man who sold it
hand no change back, and she had only paper money.
It made my day to see the woman so happy about the 20 cents.
Well anyways this is what we bought...

A child day calender from wood (Janbibejan)
 A puzzle and a book (Jip en Janneke)
 A toy for the boys and a child-seat for the youngest.
 2 piggy banks for the collection.
 For both the boy's a car toy for in the car.
 Wednesday we gonna buy a car, an old occasion,
but I'm very happy with it.
And because we own a car in a few day's,
(this is gonna be the first car we own in years)
we needed a child seat for the youngest,
and we did book a vacation in Germany in May.
This is gonna be the first time we are going as a family.
I'm so excited, I do hope the weather will be good.

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. Geniet van je vakantie. Je hebt het verdiend!

  2. Happy to hear that you are going to buy a car and going to Germany on vacation. Have fun. Thank for your comments in my blog.


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