Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chair makeover

So I decided to do a little chair makeover.
The chairs where horribly.
The color after 10 years of intensive use 
and sunlight flatterd not very well,  
and the stains, right... stains are not good ever.
So I unscrewed the seat and took the measurements.
Because of my terrible symmetrical tic it was a real challenge 
to position the cute pattern on the fabric so they matched nicely.
The fabric is from the Ikea (I love the Ikea)
 A lovely pair those chairs make now :)
Squirrel fabric detail.
Foxy fabric detail.
Fabric detail.
 With some upholstery nails, I nailed the fabric to the chair seat.
I'm not a furniture upholsterer but the result is not that bad ;)
A simple stitch to make sure the fabric isn't unraveling.



  1. Ziet er gelijk weer helemaal goed uit. Leuke stof heb je ook gekozen. Very cute!

  2. Daar past maar 1 woord bij: WOW!


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