Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Inspiration Etsy

Good Morning all.

First things first! 
Welcome new followers, very nice to have you here.
  Thank you for following my blog,
and you who read it without following ofcourse.
Thank you for all the lovely comments, 
and the interest that you show in my little space on the big web.
Please take a look at the Give-Away page,
and see how much I appreciate your visits.

A special flower to say thanks!
Today I don't have a book for the Monday Inspiration,
But I want to share a website with you,
probably you all know it already,
and for the people who don't know,
It's a very lovely website.
I want to show you some of my favorite items on Etsy.
This is where I also got my inspiration...

Vendulka M on Etsy

Angel Chest on Etsy
 The colors they use are so lovely,
it just makes me so happy to see,
and work with this kind of colors.
I just love owls, birds and to be honest,
I do love all the forest animals.
You can check out Etsy and find so many different shop there.
For everyone there is something very special to find.
You can also take the Etsy taste test,
I like it so much test you taste on Etsy
and find the shops you love.

Have a crafty and inspired day!

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