Monday, May 2, 2011

About me

Okay here we go, 
some background information about me.
NightEssie is the name that a very good friend gave me
and I adopted that name as my 'trademark'
   I'm a wife and mother and we have 2 boy's.
Daniël is the oldest 3 years and Lucas is our youngest he is 1.
We live in the Netherlands in Arnhem 
we moved here just before Daniël was born,
without knowing anyone.
That was a bit scary in the beginning,
but now we are settled and doing fine.
I love to knit and crochet, I can sow 
what I don't do often but I do like it very much,
I make jewelry from glass and or wooden beads, 
not as often as I would like and 
I love to digital scrapbooking or 
make some nice things digital,
like little paintings from scrapbook material.
I also like pink and purple,
girly things, cute stuffies and forest animals.
Last year I'm officially diagnosed with ADHD.
Before that I had a postnatal depression, anxiety and
panic problems, sometimes it still gets to me.
I did get medication for it, but now I have to managed
to bring it down to only for the adhd.
Because of that combination I'm not able to work
for a regular employer yet.
Anyway the adhd is not a huge problem,
but it makes my life quite messy.
With household and children, well not the children,
more the regularity for the children,
and that little children are hectic,
too hectic for me when I have the combination of
adhd, anxiety and / or panics attacks. 
 At this moment I get help with that from a professional coach.
And that is going very well, I have managed to get a sort of normal life,
with normal hobby's and I never get the laundry up to date ;)
I even got my own Etsy shop, I'm now collecting and making the
things for it, although it's taking up some months
to get it actually in the shop. 
I have the feeling that this blog and the Etsy shop
are my output for my mad and explosive thoughts,
get it out with knitting, crochet and the rest,
to get order in the chaos and give it a reason.
I tried a million different things / hobby's
and never got the patience to actually proceed with something.
Until I discovered sowing and jewel crafting,
and a few moths back knitting and crochet.
For me a few months of doing the same thing is a real challenge.
But I don't see this as a challenge anymore it is fun to do
and it keeps me relaxed (sort of) and comfortable.
It is going better with me, there is still a long road to follow,
but I can handle it with confidence.
I don't hope I scared you off, I thought it was a good idea
to share some information about the woman you read about.


  1. Blij om je te kennen! (virtueel dan). Je bent een bijzonder mens.

  2. What a nice story, but I'm not scared at all I like that you share this with us, we all have are own little things. Grz Knitgirl

  3. Lieve Esther, wat dapper van je om dit zo (mooi) op te schrijven.
    Het raakte me.

  4. Moedig van je je zo kwetsbaar op te stellen en er zo open over te zijn. Daar mogen velen een voorbeeld aan nemen, hopelijk wordt het taboe wat hier rond hangt dan een beetje weggenomen.
    Fijn voor je dat je in het breien en haken toch wat ontspanning kunt vinden!

  5. Dank jullie wel voor de lieve berichtjes, thank you so much for the lovely comments! ✗✗✗ Essie


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