Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Inspiration #11

Monday Inspiration number 11 already :)
If you want to participate please let me know
and I will make a special button to put on your site.

This week I want to show you the site
of a very special person.
Her name is Elly Blijenbergh.
As she said herself,
in 1964 she is born with 2 right hands...
and can make a lot of nice handcraft goodies
she sell on her website Ik maak blij
what means I make happy, and is inspirited
on her last name wish has the word blij (happy) in it. 
The idea for this website is to make people
happy with what she can makes,
her products have no price,
they cost as much as you want to give for.
And a 10% of that money goes to a charity
calls Help2Help.
Her philosophy is that she makes
good quality products from used or recycled
materials, like our grandmothers used to do,
pull out a sweater and make something new from it.
In the time she grown up,
it was not normal to buy everything that you wanted.
You needed to save money for it, or make yourself.
She comes from a farm in a province in
the Netherlands, where they lived.
Her family sold fruit en vegetables,
from there land and they put in a roadside shed,
people could take some and put money in an old tin,
what they thought was worth the products.
It was always a surprise how much money they had earned.
That money was a big part of there regular income.
All that and more you can read on her website,
it's only in Dutch.

I hope you find it just as inspired as me :)


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  1. pretty & nice things, so great Elly does this!


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