Friday, September 30, 2011


This week I saw...
The rainbow crochet swap or
Regenboog haak swap...

The African flowers blanket I made for Ebi
from Ebi's colorful word.
I made it with love and had so much fun crochet it
and it turned out so well done that I wanted to keep it myself...
Just kidding... but I hope that she likes it too.

The bag in the middle I got from Esther
from Esthers101. Thank you so much Esther
for this lovely bag, I will wear / use it with love!

This week I saw.
Is an initiative from Roos en Daan,
there you can also see who else participates.
Inspired on Jill's Today  I Saw.

Have a lovely sunny weekend!


  1. Beautiful blanket!! You are very talented indeed :-)
    Fijne weekend!

  2. Wat heerlijk kleurrijk! En leuk die verbinding met die knoopjes.

  3. Hé, nog een regenboog terwijl hier toch echt alleen de zon heeft geschenen ;-)

  4. Mooi!! Ik zag het al op verschillende blogs opduiken, leuk initiatief!


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