Friday, September 2, 2011


This week I saw a present that I won 
on Deer Little Fawn blog :)
Thank you so much Beth, I love it deer!
And so lovely wrapped it was a delight to unwrap it :)
This week I also was that our lovely doggy Colin 
was bigger, he is now 9 kilo's already.
I'm just wondering how big he will be when
he is an adult doggy or dog should I say.

And last but not least...
My new niece Thirsa!
I already saw her but I forgot to take pictures.
My little sister did take some of us together,
so they will be posted later on.
And her new baby blanket is almost done.
This week I saw.
Is an initiative from Roos en Daan,
there you can also see who else participates.
Inspired on Jill's Today  I Saw.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


  1. Gefeliciteerd! Ik ben zeer benieuwd naar de foto's.

  2. Dan komen we dus gewoon nog een keer terug voor de babykiekjes!

  3. De baby en het dekentje zijn vast heel mooi samen.


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