Saturday, September 10, 2011

Puppy training #1

Colin is a lovely male of 4 months old,
his father is a Border Collie,
and mother a gorgeous Sheltie.
This Saturday we had the first puppy training
with our doggy Colin.
It's so nice to see how he interacts with other puppy's,
so jolly playful together.
And we learned how to keep his attention,
sit, and very important not pulling the walking line.
Starting a assignment and ending it,
and helping your dog doing that properly.
It was so nice to see it all come together,
and all due positive training and rewarding good behavior.
All animal owners know that of course,
but it's so good to see how the new pack of puppy's
know that, and the "new" owners too, including us!
This was the first training of a 12 week course,
so I'll keep you updated about our progress.
Have a good weekend! 
✗✗✗ Essie

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