Monday, October 3, 2011

What´s on the needles #3

This week on the needles,
well crochet hooks to be precise...

I'm making a scarf for a special lady,
who helped me the last year, with coaching and teaching me 
how to plan my day's and weeks.
She went above and beyond to make my life livable again.
Now I'm pretty scared... Because I need to do 
it all by myself again... But she give me enough 
to do it on my own, even thou it's just her job... 
And if I fail, (I hope not, but I'm gonna miss her a lot)
she comes back and helping me again,
and that's the best reinsurance she could give me.
She was like a beacon in a stormy ocean, 
she was a listing ear when I needed one, and not jugging me at all. 
So a little present for her is in it's place...
 The scarf is with a lovely brown cotton and bamboo mix 
and the pink stripes with 100% cotton. It feel so soft... 

I don't have a pattern from it, 
I just crochet the ends with double crochet 
and the middle with granny stripes... 
And I'm planning to make it nice with some fringe at the ends :)

Have a good creative day! 

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  1. Ik word hier stil van. Wat een prachtig gebaar.


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