Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What´s on the needles #1

Every week I want to make a blogpost,
with some nice pictures and sometimes a pattern
of what's on my needles that week.
This is replacing my Monday Inspiration,
because I'm out of inspiration at the moment.  
Not that there is no inspiration at all,
I'm just not sure what to share and not ;)

Last week I started a baby blanket,
made from dark pink and mixed pink colours.
The yarn is 100% acrylic because my little sister
can not touch real wool, it's too itchy for her.
It's actually for my niece, the 4th child of my little sister.
I'm for the 7th time auntie again :)

I'm almost done and then I need to make a nice edge around it,
I'm not sure how to do that,
but I think with double crochet stitch. 
I'm gonna post more pictures when it's all finished.

The pattern I use is from Charami NL
It's a Dutch translation from Attic 24.

 Hope you have a lovely creative day!


  1. Wow, perfecte combinatie van kleur en patroon!

    (psst, ik heb een nieuw blogadres:


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