Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yarn Please

Good afternoon.
It's been a while that I made a "normal" post on this blog.
And thats because there are 3 things that keeps me occupied.

One: the test results for my oldest son came along.
It turned out he has difficult learning level in this moment.
And he needs to go to a medical daycare.
That was expected, but still the test results scared me,
because I never expected that he was that far behind,
in compare to other children of his age.

Two: I had some nice inspiration for the shop,
but I struggled with the execution of it.
But nevertheless I'm gonna keep on going
until it turns out the way I want it.   

Three: I love my spinning wheel!
It's so relaxing to make yarn from
(in my case) Merino wool.
I made a few skeins and it turned out lovely.
There are some thinner parts in the skeins
and some puffiness to make it whimsical.
I think it's very lovely yarn to make accessories from. 

100% Merino wool purple colour range (100 gram, already sold)
 100 % Merino wool 75 gram, purple / pink colour range.
100% Merino wool this will be ocean colour.
 100% Merino wool this will be the other half of the ocean colour.

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  1. Dikke knuffel. Wat heerlijk om te lezen dat je je kunt ontspannen tijdens spinnen.


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