Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday Inspiration #15

 Melanie has a blog known as The Crafty Cupboard.
Melanie is a stay-at-home-mom with two lovely little girls, 
living in the heat of Arizona.
She loves to sew and craft but doesn't like cooking. 
She loves all things music and interior design.
As she says herself: I am so inspired by the creative talents of others, I decided to have a place to document ideas to try in the future as well as things I attempt myself.
And it's an awesome place, with a full page of free tutorials.
Her posts and pictures are so inspiring,
if you haven't try sowing yet, 
once see this site, you want to try it all yourself.
I just love her style of writing and the effort she puts in her blog.
She makes a variety of lovely things but the most I love are the beautiful dresses and skirts for her girls, and gorgeous quilts in the most fantastic colours.  
Go take a look yourself and be amazed.


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