Friday, July 29, 2011


This week I saw...

5 years together...
My husband took me out to dinner,
I forgot to take pictures during our night out,
but I did made a picture of our half dessert ;)
And he bought me 5 beautiful roses.

A new spinning wheel...
A Louet s10,
and it spins like purring kitten....

A new project knitting socks for my husband...
It's my first attempt to knit socks,
I'm very excited how they will look when they are finished...

This week I saw.
Is an initiative from Roos en Daan,
there you can also see who else participates.
Inspired on Jill's Today  I Saw...


  1. Gefeliciteerd! Romantisch hoor!

  2. Volgens mij heb jij een geweldige, lieve, aardige, romantische man.

  3. Die rozen, zo groot en zo mooi!

  4. (hum... zal ik toch ook ooit trouwen...) prachtig rozen zeg! Van harte!

  5. Gefeliciteerd! Mooie foto's, gaaf die sokken!


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