Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Inspiration #16

Sometimes it's a bit difficult to find information
to make a nice post about the people behind
the awesome blogs to write about.
That's why I made a little questionnaire to make it more personal.

This Monday Inspiration is about Angelique from Lique's Handmade.
She has a lovely blog and awesome online shop.
She is always creative with the crochet needles, sewing machine, pencils .. When she is not doing that there are her pets her other passion, Berners, Burmese and rats.
And I fell in love with her gorgeous crochet and amigurumi goodies. 

Can you tell something about yourself?
I'm Lique, a thinker and sometimes a doubter, I have the will to proceed to make the things I like 
and to make others happy with it.
I love photography, wool and my pets, what is a lovely combination. 
I'm working with wool from the time that I was a little girl. 
I love to make pictures from my pets and I love my pets all together. 
(I got 2 berner sennen dogs, 2 holy birman cats, 7 rats en 1 white belly hedgehog
That are 3 important things in my lifs.
 How did you get into making crafts?
When I was young I made little Bert and Ernie hand puppets,
and that is my first memory from myself of being creative. 
On a Sunday afternoon under my loft bed with fabric
needle and thread ... It grew into so much more.

What is your favorite craft?
Crochet and sewing. Though I no longer sew as much as I did.  
I had for almost eight years the shop called Lique's Hangmatjes & Co 
and I made hammocks for rats and ferrets and the lot. 
I made the goods for the shop with dedication and pleasure
but the challenge was gone and I wanted to grow in my products and shop. 
With the wool, I can now grow in my own crochet products.
So crochet is really my biggest favorite.

What do you love the most about crafting?
To create something, even if it is something small.  
Something that you or someone else makes is special and there is love and dedication in it.
What’s one of your favorite things you’ve made?
I have a wonderfully beautiful blanket made of purple, blue and pink shades 
laying around and that is surely my most favorite and my pride, 
but there is so much more than that.
I made ​​amigurumi's which create themselves, but also a pattern
Where do you get your inspiration from, designs / goods you make?
Often it is already in my head, and something by just thinking about it, I adapted 10 times already.
I like to look back at pictures and use my own imagination to make something from it.
What are your favorite craft websites?
Etsy and Dawanda! Those are my favorite website to see and experience creativity.
 And then the blogs of many people. There is much to see!
As Google is your best friend to look for pictures of the beautiful creations by people!
And of course my own forum on crochet and amigurumi's!

What is your motivation to write on your blog?
I like it that you can show what you make and what you love, to share that with others.
I love to keep track of other blogs. Giving and getting reactions on posts,
and to get inspiration from other blogs and your blog also (*note from me* That made me blush)
I also have a amigurumi and crochet forum and it's really so nice to
let people get in contact with other people on that forum true your blog.

 This is the stand from Lique's at the hip and handmade market. 
See the lovely things she makes, it's a real pleasure to just look at it!


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