Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Inspiration

Good morning to all of you!
I want to welcome all the new followers,
nice to have you here!

This Monday there is another book 
I want to show you.
It gets me inspired every time I'll take a look in it,
I hope it does for you too...

The year round with Sarah Kay

It reminds me of Holly Hobbie.
I actually have a doll from Holly Hobbie, I got it when I was 1 year,
and after 30 years of cuddling she has no hair anymore, and looks a bit crooked

After 30 years of cuddling 

I took her in every bed I ever slept in...
Not that I can not sleep without a doll, 
I'm a bit old for that anyway,
but it is just sentiment...
My doll just sits at the pillow my head is on.

This is the original (from internet)

So today I wanted to share some pictures from Sarah Kay's book.


The book is in Dutch...
Sarah Kay is from Australia,
so I guess the original book is in English.
I love the do it yourself things in the book
and I also love the drawing so much,
they are so cute!
There are subjects about gardening, 
cooking and do it yourself projects.

I hope you find it just as inspiring as I do.

Have a lovely day,

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