Sunday, April 3, 2011

Learing how to Crochet

Saturday there was a knit and crochet fair in Nieuwegein, 
it was 23 degrees and very nice weather.
I ate my lunch outside in the sun, and it was lovely. 
There where also some twitter buddies 
and it was so nice to meet them in real life... 
Also nice to see and feel all the new yarns and knitting needles,
see whats new and learn from other people how they do something, 
like the magic loop with a circular knitting needle.

Magic loop
I went there to learn how to crochet I had a workshop at 15.00 
so I had plenty of time to walk around talk to people
and see all the interesting things, 
but I was surprised when I looked at my watch to see it was already 14.30... 
Really time flies when you having fun... 

The workshop was called beyond de pannelap,
what means beyond the potholder.
When my mother was young she learned
how to crochet and knit in school.
The first ting you learned was to crochet a potholder,
with all the different stitches. 
So the name of the workshop was to give an idea to
do more with crochet then only a few straight stitches.

We actually made a flower...

 The woman who gave the workshop never had a group of people 
who never even hold a crochet needle, so there was not so much time
to learn a lot, because she needed to instruct everybody.

The flower is done!

But it was a nice experience and I actually learned how to crochet properly.
We where all able to choose the color of the yarn...
And I did pick the one and only pink yarn!
What I did wrong when I tried to learn myself was the fact that
I hold my needle wrong.
So I'm happy that I learned what I did wrong, 
that I can continue to venture this lovely handcraft. 
This is how it looked like.

 Me trying to hold my needle the right way...

A Revelry friend never did this before, she did it so good!

This is what I made this morning with my new skills

I hope you have a nice day!

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