Saturday, April 16, 2011

Knitting in progress Deer Hat

This lovely knitted deer hat in progress is for a blogfriend Liefgeval
I had a little bit of trouble with the yarn and the pattern
to calculate the size, the pattern is for bigger needles than I had yarn for...
And the top of the hat looks a bit different, but when it sits on
your head it looks better than the picture...

This is the hat

This is a ear 

The ears are trouble...
I don't have the correct size needles without head,
as you can see in the picture I did a sample with
the loose ends of my circular needle set in 2 different sizes (ohoh)
So next week I need to buy a pair of gloves needles in the right size ;)
And I hope (really hope) by the end of this month that the hat will be finished.

But I do love this challenge so much, I never did something like this before,
so I only get better from it... right... even if it would take a wile.
My blogfriend reassured me that she had enough patience to wait...
Well I hope I don't disappoint her,
and the hat will be done at the end of this month
or maybe in May or .... Just kidding :)



  1. Oh but it's looking absolutely fabulous already :)! I can't thank you enough for doing this, really! Please take it easy, no rush ;).
    you are LOVELY!
    xxx Nikki

  2. Wow! Ben zeer benieuwd naar het eindresultaat.


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