Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Crochet bracelets

This week I was making some bracelets from a pattern on Haakzaken.
That's a very lovely blog about crochet it's written in Dutch,
but do not let it stop you to take a look.
I made those bracelets with 100% cotton and wooden beads.

I'm thinking about doing more crocheted beaded bracelets,
but I want to make my own design or pattern,
It's just so inspiring to see how you can add something
so nice as beads to your design.
I made crocheted beaded necklaces before,
that was with nylon wire and leather cords,
the structure is very different from cotton.
I can't show you pictures of that, they got lost on my old PC :(

Next week I'm gonna try to make some brooch
I got inspired by the nice pictures on her (haakzaken) blog :)


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  1. Wow! Kleurig! Mooi!

    ps. Wat een leuke blog. Ik heb haakzaken meteen aan mijn favorieten toegevoegd.


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