Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Spindle spinning

I got my first meters on the spindle spun, and that went pretty well.
It is a bit on the thick side, but I got the hang of it now.

There are thinner and thicker parts in the yarn, but it does have a nice flow. 
I'm now knitting a hat on needle 5,5 mm. 
It's a bit over 90 meters and after twisting it is 41,5 meters of yarn,
it's natural wool yarn, I think of a Scottish sheep.
I even bought an old spinning wheel today, tomorrow I can pick it up.

I'm very existed how it feels to spin on a spinning wheel.  
It seems so
satisfactory with my own spun yarn to make something beautiful.
Then you cover the whole progress, except shaving the sheep ;)

My new Spindle. 

The carded wool.
 Spun yarn, need to be twisted.
Voilà the hand spun yarn. 



  1. Gaaf! Je zou bijna over een schaap in de tuin gaan nadenken...
    Is dat nou moeilijk, met zo'n spindel spinnen? Geeft wel veel voldoening! Maar kost ook weer meer tijd....mmm ik denk maar dat ik er niet aan begin :)

  2. Wow, dat jij dat durft! Het spinnen is mij net een brug te ver.


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