Friday, June 17, 2011


This week I saw...

Here we have White Sunday and the Monday after,
we have a free day.
This Monday we went to see a market place,
drink some nice coffee with my parents and we
took the kids to an indoor playground.
They loved it!
And ofcourse I forgot to took pictures of everything,
glad my husband thought about it and took some of our kids ;)

My kids having fun in a indoor playground.

And this week I stared to spin on a spindle.
See this post
And It went very well.
So my husband decided that I needed a spinning wheel,
haha not really, he thought it was a good idea,
because it goes quicker. And it was a good idea.
I love it, it is addictive and now I have a new hobby.
It's a good thing it all goes well together.
Now I can spin my own yarn and make something nice from it :)
The spinning wheel it self has a nice story.
I bought it on a on-line marketplace
from a old couple not far away from me.
She spun her yarn to make clothes for her 7! children,
while her husband was a sheep shearer in the spring,
to make a bit a extra money to feed all those mouths.
She begun to spin on a spindle and knit the yarn,
it was a lot of work, so her husband
had made her this spinning wheel.
A friend of the family made it who worked in a factory with wood.
I asked her if she would mind letting it go,
she said no, she had make good use of it,
and it was time to get it out of the house.
But she was happy to see
that I wanted to make really use of it,
and not just put it in  a room as decoration.
I told her I take care of it,
and she gave me tips to maintain the spinning wheel.
We both were happy :)
My spinning wheel.

This week I saw.
Is an initiative from Roos en Daan,
there you can also see who else participates.
Inspired on Jill's Today  I Saw.



  1. Tof zeg! Veel plezier met spinnen^_^

  2. Oja, spinnen... zo eentje hadden wij vroeger thuis ook! Succes :-D

  3. Zo's spinnewiel met een geschiedenis is extra mooi, door het verhaal dat erbij hoort. Ik ben benieuwd wat je er allemaal mee gaat maken.

  4. En tijdens dat spinnen allerlei sprookjes vertellen... of verzinnen.

  5. En je dan niet aan de spoel prikken ;o)
    Mooi, een spinnewiel. Staat ook nog op mijn verlanglijstje.

  6. wat een fantastisch verhaal! dat maakt het spinnenwiel nog 10 maal mooier :)

  7. Een erg bijzondere nieuwe hobby!

  8. Wow, prachtig verhaal achter het spinnewiel. Ben zeer beniewd naar de wolletjes.


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