Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Inspiration #12

This week I want to share a blog.
A blog from a very generous, lovely
and kind blogfriend Nikki.
This blog actually got an award from me,
  because it is so nice, lovely and inspiring.
Her blog is Liefgeval.
She has an amazing blog, with mixed styles,
Vintage, retro, romantic and sweet, which is a super lovely combination of styles.
And loads of adorable pictures from her home 
and the lovely deer she collects.
The rest of her collections she shares 
can be marked as super cute and vintage.
She makes awesome Lomography photo's 
she posts on her blog under Lomo Saturday,
with some other participants, 
you really need to check it out.
Also she has a beautiful dress style, 
you can read everything about her lovely dresses
on her blog under the dress up tags. 
The pictures are amazing!
I love her enthusiasm to make life prettier 
with her blog and goodies.
She also has the most wonderful online shop.
Where Nikki sells pretty vintage finds and homemade cuteness:

I hope you find it as lovely as I do.
Have a good day!

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