Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoon… Let’s get the PC out of the cabinet and get updated… I check my mail, oh noes… much to read about, all the activity’s in church and some nice mails from friends… I’m just to curious to leave it till Monday, but then again it’s always satisfying to read the e-mails, so thats why I do it, and to see what the world brings, why did I ever leaved the PC sitting in the cabinet for 4 whole day’s? Oh yeah, to give my husband and children the quality-time they deserved, and of course it was worth it. Daniël and I made some nice drawings and I had time to finish off my scarf… My husband and I made a new “rule” every Wednesday we sit down with some nice drinks and some appetizers to talk about the week and put the agenda’s together, after that make a nice evening from it. It’s so rewarding to give each other some real time, and not talk between wiping noses and giving drinks and foot to the children.

We did get closer this week, sometimes you drift a bit apart during the week days and it’s lovely that we found each other back. To know what happens on my husbands work, or at home with the kids. Or just some odd weird knitting spree I had ;)

And as for you, have a nice day!

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