Monday, January 17, 2011

Knitting pins and digital scrapping

My birthday is in February and I was thinking what kind of present to ask… It’s horrible to ask for something but at the other hand, I know that if I don’t ask for something the most people will give some bath foam and so on, but I would really love to get something for my knitting craft.  I looked on the internet for some needles (I don’t want to ask for yarn for my birthday), and I saw there are so many different needles, so many that the choice is hard to make, and will it be the good choice for me, what I do with it…  I really love the chunky knit craft, like accessory, and shawls and  knitwear. And what kind of knitting pins I need for that… Well chunky ones ;)
I love colors and natural things like wood and bamboo. But if I want something for my hobby it is wise to have something that is effectively and professionally and lasts so you have to get it once, if you have something that is not so good and break down easily, my honest opinion is that you better buy or get one thing that is good then spend your money over and over again, that’s way much expensive then if you buy it once. So my search has begun… It has to be colorful, natural materials and good quality, and still even thou I have my criteria the search is not easy, there are like 10 different factories who makes such pins, and that is only what I found in Europe.

After some time and forums with experience knitters later I had the choice between 2 large and good names, one is Addi the other one is Knit Pro. Still the choice is difficult, Addi gives life time guarantee on the needles but there made from metal. Knit Pro has the choice between see true plastic, wood and metal, they are good, you don’t get the life long guarantee, but they do come in a wood variant witch I love, and it’s colorful. And Knit pro has a chunky set what means that you don’t have to buy the whole set only the big needles…

The choice is made; I’m going for the wood variant from Knit Pro, the chunky set. And there is also a possibility to buy loose needles ends for on the set, if you need or want another size. And they have some nice “normal” needles too, see the picture below. They look amazing and the reviews are good and really helpful for a noob like me;) I am really exited to go to the hand craft fair in February then I can get the needles and  learn more about knitting it self. And to hang out with my best friend ofcourse, without the kids, I love the kids very very much but sometimes it’s nice to do something for “grown ups” alone and have nice conversations about life, hobby’s and the kids :)

My next idea for a project is not knitting but make a sort of port folio about knitting, yarn and needles. I want to combine digital photography, digital scrapping and my knitting in to one book, I know thats a lot of work, and I want to start of to make lovely pictures of my craft, work in progress and my materials. The book is gonna be a bit like the My Life Story book, but then with more picture, ofcourse digital and less about my life it self, we heard enough of that already;) What I do want is, put the patterns in it, explain what I done, the materials I used for it, the needles, how much time it cost and so on. The main reason I want to make such a book is pure for me, but it would be so nice to show friends and family what I did so far, and how I did it, because I always ask someone how they did it and what they used for it, and sometimes they ask me already, and normal I make a e-mail to that person, but would it be nice if I can show them “real life”, bundle that in a book and Esther’s knitting book is born… Here is a tiny little idea of 2 pages…

Have a good crafty day!

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