Sunday, September 26, 2010

Digital scrapbooking

Here I go, I just found myself a new hobby. Is that important enough to write a blog about? I think so, because of my AD/HD I find It hard to manage a hobby for quite a while. I Tried drawing I did that for about 2-3 years then I was fed up because it would take a while to finish a drawing. Paining I love so much but I don’t have the patience to complete a painting, still its good to do with drawing so I still have the stuff laying around my home, sitting there waiting for me to pick it up again. I am creative so I thought lets make statues of soapstone really love that artwork as well, but still no patience to complete more than a few, also have all the materials laying around my attic because we are to make a hobby room there for all the stuff.  But there is one thing I can do for hours and hours and thats sitting behind my computer, and doing stuff.  Like surfing the net for cheap stuff for my boys to decorate their rooms, finding nice blogs to read, play some games and so on. Then I was thinking to myself why don’t I reorganize all my pictures, when I did that It seems such a waist to just leave them there. I have more than 3000 pic’s of my children and family, hobby’s and nature.  A few people I know made some digital photo albums with them but personally I find them boring to see, some photo’s, maybe a background and some text and thats it, but nice to see them off the PC and in a book. Then I found the idea to make a digi scrapbook, I love to see the “real paper” scrapbooks, my mother makes some awesome ones, they are really beautiful and it’s a lot of work and love there goes in. But the results are gorgeous. But I’m no good with scissors and paper so why not combine digital photo’s with digital scrap booking? And I just made my first album.

Here are is a little preview.

This is the front of the book.

A view of our family.

A page in the middle.

Me pregnant of our 2th son, and 2 days after he was born.

Another page in the middle.

My oldest son when he was about a half year old.

Almost at the end.

The brothers and my mother.

But for now that’s my first digital scrapbook.
Books are expensive in Holland I don’t know what about the other country’s. So only the real good stuff I buy in a book form, and the rest I can print or just post them wherever I want. I have a few photo editing programs on my computer they are similar to Adobe Photoshop, but these are free to download. One of my favorites is Inkscape, you can layer your photo’s or files and place them in the order you want, and thats the same as you do on paper scrapbooking, the main difference is that I don’t have my whole floor covert with tiny snippets and pieces of photo’s  etc. What my vacuum thinks is lovely, and me too!

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