Monday, January 23, 2012


A while ago I made a nice pattern for some
hand / wrist warmers and they turned out very good.
That was after 5 failures of course.
I made them with a cotton blend, so there not itchy.
The downside with cotton is that it is not stretchy.
So the next batch I'm gonna make with wool.
For the first week or so I'm making 5 pair
wrist / hand warmers for a lovely family.
2 pair for adults and 3 pair for there children,
so by the beginning of February a whole family
is gonna keep there hands warm with handmade wrist warmers :)
I love doing custom orders and I am so happy
that people have confidence in me,
and that they are happy with the result.
You can buy them in my Etsy store  
and also on Facebook, which is new by the way.
Anyway here are a few pictures of the new hand / wrist warmers.



  1. ik moet er echt aan denken een foto voor je te maken van 5 paar handen in een cirkel bij elkaar ofzo ;-)

  2. Oh ja dat zou heel erg tof zijn :)#voorpret


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