Thursday, November 3, 2011

DIY, free pattern: circular scarf / cowl

Slipping on a scarf for fall or winter has gotten a whole lot easier.
A cowl or circular scarf takes away takes away the hassle
of trying to tie a regular scarf,
and it’s easy because you don’t have to
worry about scarves coming undone all the time.

This circular scarf / cowl is made from real dutch wool,
spun in thick and thin parts,
to give it it's lovely whimsical authentic look.
And it keeps you warm on even a harsh cold day.
Or it can compliment your outfit because it has such a lovely colors to it.
 Handmade from super-wash wool blend with acrylic in it.
Color blends: blue, red, purple, yellow.
Total length 140 cm / 55 inch.
Total width 20 cm / 8 inch.

If you cannot knit or find the time to do so,
I sell them in my shop :), you can also mail me if you want
other yarn, color etc, I love making custom orders :)

You need to have basic knowledge of knitting in the round.
You need to know how to cast on, cast off, knit and purl.
All this information you can find on youtube or other sites.

You need about 150 gram yarn needle size Europe 7-8 mm.
I made this scarf on a circular needle 7 mm, 80 cm cable.

Cast on 140 stitches,
then join the round and place marker
(I love the markers, it is not necessary,
but I like to be all rounds even)
Make the whole scarf  in rib round: * k2, p2 *
*knit two,  purl two*
till it is 20 cm or 8 inch tall, cast off loosely.
Break yarn and weave in end.
You can also * k1, p1 * that is just a matter of taste :)

And that's it. My first pattern on the world wide web :)

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